Friday, July 17, 2009

Treat bags

Alonzo's Bday Treat Bag

My sister did a horse themed bday for my newphew, since we couldn't find nice horse treat bags I MADE THEM MYSELF!

With the help of my BUG and my animal kingdom cartridge i was able to create this simple but stunning treat bag. It was a great idea, until I was told to make 30-40 bags!

It was a lot of work but they came out nice and everyone was complimenting them.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Bear Cake

This is my very first diaper cake, smaller than the others but still pretty cute.

Tuesday, July 7, 2009


I did this card for my friends bday, I really like the way the flower pops up. Her favorite color is yellow. So the color combination went well.

Ducky Cake

This one is similar to the turtle cake, I used the same format but added different touches, it came out really cute, loved the duck!

Turtle Cake

Diaper Cakes

I am not sure why this photo would not post in the right direction, but you can still appreciate the flowers. I created this using my favorite bug.. my cricut, and the GEORGE cartridge. There is a tutorial online to do these, SUSAN BLUEBOT is just amazingly creative! Here is a link to her tutorial on how to make these, they are simple and look fabulous! Susan Bluerobot: How to make PAPER ROSES

Ok, like I don't have enough with the scrapbooks, the shirts and the cards, now I have learned to make diaper cakes!! Youtube is the best, you can find more tutorials than you can ever imagine LOL So here are some cake I made for my friends, My favorite one its the turtle, I just love the colors and how it came it. The one with the roses its cute too, but I did it very last minute so I did not have time to be as crafty as I would've liked. Enjoy .... diapers anyone?