Friday, January 28, 2011

Baby Shower Booties

I have been actually busy creating stuff, but since I don't have a camera I haven't been posting as much. I can only take pics with my phone and they are pretty bad specially indoors. So I am going to have to wait to post pics of all my latest creations. Here are some cute little baby shoes I made as party favors for my cousing baby shower. You can get the template HERE they are just the cutest little baby shoes and so easy to make.

You can download a boy or girl version. Hope to get my camara soon so I can start sharing some more photos.

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011

New year, new projects and lost of wonderful scrapping plans for the new year. I got lots of new goodies from friends and Family and can't wait to try them out. Speaking of new things... I am not sure how long this has been up but I just found wordle a great FREE site where you can creat word art for FREE... did I mention FREE...gotta love all the freebies in cyber space. This one is pretty simple to use (if I can use it you can too ha ha). You think of a word or random words and enter them into the system and it comes out in different variations and colors, totally AWESOME! I love the Serenity prayer so this was my first try, after many many different confugurations I actually figured out that the more a word repeats the bigger it will be compared to the other words soooo in this example I wanted SERENITY to be the biggest to I typed it like 8 times, then I did the same with the others and VOILA!! And you also get to play around with the color palette and adjust that too. This would be great for a card of backgroud print...... give it a try its fun and FREE!! enjoy your day.