Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Happy New Year - 2011

New year, new projects and lost of wonderful scrapping plans for the new year. I got lots of new goodies from friends and Family and can't wait to try them out. Speaking of new things... I am not sure how long this has been up but I just found wordle a great FREE site where you can creat word art for FREE... did I mention FREE...gotta love all the freebies in cyber space. This one is pretty simple to use (if I can use it you can too ha ha). You think of a word or random words and enter them into the system and it comes out in different variations and colors, totally AWESOME! I love the Serenity prayer so this was my first try, after many many different confugurations I actually figured out that the more a word repeats the bigger it will be compared to the other words soooo in this example I wanted SERENITY to be the biggest to I typed it like 8 times, then I did the same with the others and VOILA!! And you also get to play around with the color palette and adjust that too. This would be great for a card of backgroud print...... give it a try its fun and FREE!! enjoy your day.

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  1. Doesn't Wordle totally rock?! I put together an ad featuring my son for his yearbook, and when I found Wordle I was in love!
    Hope you have a super Happy, Happy New Year!! :0)