Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Diaper Cakes

I am not sure why this photo would not post in the right direction, but you can still appreciate the flowers. I created this using my favorite bug.. my cricut, and the GEORGE cartridge. There is a tutorial online to do these, SUSAN BLUEBOT is just amazingly creative! Here is a link to her tutorial on how to make these, they are simple and look fabulous! Susan Bluerobot: How to make PAPER ROSES

Ok, like I don't have enough with the scrapbooks, the shirts and the cards, now I have learned to make diaper cakes!! Youtube is the best, you can find more tutorials than you can ever imagine LOL So here are some cake I made for my friends, My favorite one its the turtle, I just love the colors and how it came it. The one with the roses its cute too, but I did it very last minute so I did not have time to be as crafty as I would've liked. Enjoy .... diapers anyone?

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