Saturday, August 14, 2010

Altered ATG & Cuttlebug

Welll I took the plunge! With the help of my handy darling husband who helped with the painting I was able to finish altering my ATG and cuttlebug. I so want to paint my cricut too, but I might just wait a little for that one. I am very happy with they way these 2 turned out. Thanks to Cheryl  for helping out with the inspiration and directions.

The secong picture shows the back of the ATG which I am planning on using vinyl to label that side along with the cuttlebug, but I have to wait for the white vinyl to come it to completely finish it.


  1. Oh I think I am in love!! These turned out so GREAT... definately inspired!! TFS

  2. GET OUT!!! THIS IS AWESOME!!! Purple is my fave oh and I love the bling!!!

  3. That turned out very nice what kind of paint did he use?

  4. Oh they look totally awesome.. and so personal.. you definitley dont have the same ones as everyone else now!! Kudos to individuality and great taste!!