Monday, August 1, 2011

Disney Album and Frebbie

So I am finally starting to work on our Disney scrapbook, this is from our February trip! I know that doesn't sound that long ago, but I know if I don't do it soon it will join my box of "to do" pages that get left behind. As I am sorting the pics and doing the organizational part of it I found some really great sites with AWESOME disney SVGs and since I do not own any of the disney cartridges I am resorting to all SVGs for this album.

Here is a file I did for my our pictures from the Astro Balsters Ride:

We went on that ride like 5 times, partly because the line was always less than 10 min but mostly because my son and my newphew LOVED the ride. I was looking around for SVG for this ride but no one seem to have this. I did find BUZZ, the ALIENS and ZURG that will go with this page, but created this logo from this picture I found from the ride:

You can check out these 2 blogs which have tons of wonderful disney svgs:

They both have an amazing collection of Disney files. Reddy specially, her WHOLE blog is dedicated to DISNEY files, how cool is that!! Mardenz has a great variety of cartoon characters a MUST stop if you do kids cards/layouts. Hope someone else finds my file helpful, you can download the SVG H E R E to download the file. Remember these are for personal use only, I don't mind you telling other people about my files I just ask you give them the link so they can find it. Thanks for stopping by! I will try and post more files as I work on getting my books done.

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