Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dear PC .....

I posted this on the Circle and regular message board over on the cricut. Needless to say it was removed 3 days later, thankfully I got my point accross.

I don't like to be negative and like to see the positive in every situation, sometimes
its harder than others... oh well. I TRIED!

Dear PC: I am not cheating on you, I love PC and Love SCAL!

Ever since I laid my eyes on the expression I wanted it! I did not know how to use, but I knew it was something I really wanted. I bought the expression at least a dozen cartridges and my love affair with the CRICUT took off. Shortly after buying my cricut I found out about a 3rd party software (SCAL) that allows you to create your own designs for the cricut. Now I am no artist here, but I thought this product was a great compliment to my bug. I purchase the product, but that never stop me from buying cartridges or even joining the circle. Even with this product in my repertoire, I still continue to be a loyal customer and purchased another cricut, a cuttlebug, gypsy, dozens of other cartridges, your story and tons of consumables. Why do I bother with this letter you may ask? Because it bothers me that PC thinks that just because there is a product out there that works with their machines, that this is somehow going to drive their profit away. To me this software is a great compliment to an already outstanding product, it doesn’t take away from it, it enhances it! I paid good money for my bugs and I don’t see why I can’t purchase software that adds to the possibilities. Isn’t this was crafting is all about? About releasing your creativity to the max!

My intent is not to condemn, but rather to share my love for PC and SCAL which is also a great product, now if we could all just get along, I could get back to crafting and not worry about if my cricut is going to work tomorrow because someone at PC doesn’t like 3rd party software.

Xochitl Rico


Circle Member

This is the response I got:

"Your post regarding third-party software that allows you to make cuts with the CRICUT® machine has been removed. The third-party software you reference has not be tested nor approved for use with the CRICUT machine and therefore is not endorsed nor supported by Provo Craft and thus, should not be discussed in the CRICUT community.

As a reminder, use of any hardware or software that has not been tested and approved by Provo Craft may void any warranty offered by the company."


so I can't talk about the software, they won't cover my cricut, but they can take my money for the circle, the carts, and all the other stuff hmmmmm


  1. I sent a letter to the complaint department and sure it will get no where, but at least, I feel better. Their attitude about your polite letter just convinces me more that I will not continue to be a patron of their products. They have a horrible product "Studio Design" that they can't admit to and which drove us to SCAL and MTC. YEs, those 2 programs compliment the Cricut. Too bad they can't see it.

  2. I couldn't agree more. I liked my Cricut, but when I got my SCAL I started to love my Cricut. I love to make my own images, but I still buy cartridges!

  3. Thanks for sharing your feelings with PC. I completely agree with them. I wish PC would listen so we could have the best of both worlds. After a lot of thought, I have decided to stick with SCAL vs PC. I have posted my stance on my blog.

  4. Thanks for trying to get you message across to them. It is frustrating to deal with their customer service, I have dealt with them before, too. Unfortunately, it is their loss or them to not see all the benefits with the third-party software... they'll only realize that when it's too late.