Friday, September 7, 2012

Reto # 5 Para Niños ó Por Niños

This month we have such a FUN challenge over at Dilo en Español - the theme is For Kids or By Kids. We are looking for projects made BY KIDS or FOR KIDS. I thought this was a great idea since I have a 5 year old that is always "trying" to help me craft and wants to use all my tools (and expensive nice paper!) to make "cricut" stuff with me.

Well today I allowed him - with supervision of course - to use my cricut and my tools to make his own little card. I let him choose the paper and he picked green because that is his favorite color. I set up the all the items he needed and "designed" the card for him, but I let him put it all together all by himself.

Here is the set up I made for him to start the card with:

I allowed him to pick the stamp he wanted to use and he asked for one that said PAPI because he wanted to give it to dad. I asked him why not make it for Mommy? He said, I think I want to give it to Dad :( He also saw the little sun and wanted to make sure to use it because the sun is bright and the turtle needs light to see mommy ..... hmm ok. LOL

I tried letting him use my liquid glue and that almost turned into a disaster, thankfully the glob of glue did not get into the card so I was able to substitute it for a glue stick.

And here he is my handsome little man proudly showing his first card!

While I was taking photos of the card and working on my blog post he stayed in my craftroom playing with some scraps of paper, he was really quiet - which anyone that has kids knows that is never a good sign unless they are asleep - this is what he was working on:

This is Daddy and Mommy Rocks. I am the little rock with short legs that are stuck under LOL 

This was a great project and Xaeed loved creating his card, maybe I am creating the next Tim Holtz!! ha ha I doubt it but I know he has fun crafting with me. 

- Sentiment Queremos Pastel Set
-Create a Critter: Turtle 
-Misc cardstock and ribbon
-Googly Eyes - which are now Xaeeds favorite along with glue dots

Thanks for stopping by!! Make sure to check out all of Dilo en Español stamps as they are all on SALE to make room for the new stamps coming out next week - which I can tell you that you are going to LOOOOOVEE! Can't wait to show you all the awesome new stamps she has. 


  1. So cute. Your little man did an wonderful job on his first card. Love the colors and the eyes on the turtle.

  2. I LOVE this!!! Especialmente verlo haciendo todo!!! Gracias a tu hermoso por participar!!!!

  3. Hermosa la acrd con esa tierna tortuguita!!!! y el wapisisisismo !!!!!

  4. LOVE IT!! He will have a great hobby as he grows older with a talented mommy like you!! XOXO

  5. Oh how fun! He did a great job on his projects. (I completely understand about the glue. I used to teach Kindergarten and, wow, was glue always an issue. :)

  6. Hermoso proyecto y tu hijo muy guapoooo, me encanta cómo miraaa e hizo su boquitaa hehehe besitos para él y para tii:)

  7. I missed this and I think that is the sweetest thing ever that he did...both....very creative. And yes, I only feel comfortable when my kids were making noise unless they were asleep. Usually, if they were quiet, they were "up to something".